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Original Ice Cream in black bean, strawberry, and mandarin

Add some flavor to your journey with our original ice cream!

Stop by The Marketplace in participating Fairfield by Marriott hotels to try our original ice cream made with local ingredients and available from July 1st!

Each flavor is made from locally sourced and harvested ingredients; Strawberries from Utsunomiya (Tochigi), Black beans from Kyotamba (Kyoto), and Mandarin from Mihama (Mie).

Experience a refreshing stay at our hotels this summer and enjoy a tasty dessert after a day of travelling and exploring.

Available in 3 flavors (500 yen each including tax)
・Strawberry ice cream (made with “Tochiaika” strawberries from Utsunomiya, Tochigi)
・Black Bean ice cream (made with dried black beans from Kyotamba-cho, Kyoto)
・Mandrin sherbet (made with “Shiranui” mandarin from Mihama-cho, Mie)

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LINE Stamp Rally!

Stop by "The Market" located in our hotels during your stay and pick up one of the local craft beers!

Guests will receive one point for one craft beer that has been purchased, and when you reach 10 points, you will receive an original glass tumbler as a gift!

We hope you enjoy the selected beverages and treats available at the Fairfield by Marriott Michi-no-Eki project hotels.

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