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Here are some destinations around hotels in Tochigi area which are perfect for enjoying Summer.

Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Utsunomiya

Bamboo Forest Wakayama Farm
2018 Takaragihoncho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi  
Open on Sat, Sun and public holiday from Jun to August  *Bamboo Forest is lit up till 21:00

This place is used as a site for many movies and CM. The bamboo forest which is as large as 5 Tokyo Domes is just amazing. There are also café and restaurant and you can enjoy lunch too.

Romantic Village Agri Spa
254 Hei, Nissato, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Open 10:00~21:00 Close  every second Tuesday

Agri Spa is equipped with a 25-meter transforming pool (indoor), a walking bath, a Jacuzzi, and more. The  outdoor pool is also available during the summer season (late July to August).

Furusato Miya Festival
1-1-1 Babadori, Utsunomiya , Tochigi  August 3rd to 4th  Open 16:30~21:00

Held on the first Saturday and Sunday in August, the number of mikoshi in total was approximately 90 over the two days, making it one of the largest in the northern Kanto region, with over 500,000 visitors over the two days, making it the largest shrine in Tochigi Prefecture. It's a festival.



Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Motegi

Mobility Resort Motegi
120-1 Hiyama, Motegi, Haga District, Tochigi  Open 9:30~17:00 *Irregular holiday

A mobility park where you can enjoy not only motor sports but also unique activities and athletics in the great nature of Motegi all day long with your family.

17 ŌseMotegi, Haga District, Tochigi  Open 10:00~17:00  Close Tue

This facility is located in the middle of the Naka River. Yana fishing has been carried out since 1903, and the fishing area is set up from mid-July to the end of October. You can mainly eat freshwater fish such as sweetfish and eel.

Mashikoyaki Yokoyama
3527-7 Mashiko, Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi

Mashikoyaki Yokoyama offers a fulfilling experience, including a pottery making class, two cafe restaurants, a bread workshop, and a pottery gallery. Located in an area rich in nature, you can enjoy Mashiko ware to the fullest.



Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Nikko

Ozasa Farm
3405 Ozasahara, Senoo, Nikko, Tochigi  Open 8:45~16:45 (April to November)

A vast ranch overlooking the Nikko mountain range located on a plateau of 1300m. They pasture Brown Swiss cows which is very rare in Japan. You can taste their milk and dairy products. You can also enjoy facilities such as athletics and BBQ area.

Ashio Copper Mine
9-2 Ashiomachitsudo, Nikko, Tochigi  Open 9:00~17:00

This copper mine has a 400 years of history and is known as the best copper in the Orient. Currently, it has changed its role to a tourist mine using the old tunnel.