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About Fairfield by Marriott Michi-no-Eki hotels

Know Before
You Go

Learn more about our Fairfield by Marriott Michi-no-Eki properties by reading some of our most frequently asked questions below, which span everything from reservation details and check-in information to in-room amenities and service features.

Meals & Breakfast

Is breakfast available at the hotel?

Can outside food and drinks be brought into the hotel?

Is room service available?


When do I pay for my accommodation?

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

What type of digital currency can I use?

Is it possible to wire transfer my payment?

Is there a separate accommodation tax?

Do you exchange foreign currency at the hotel?

About Act on specified commercial transactions


Can I make hotel reservations by phone?

I would like to make a reservation online, but forgot my password.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

How far in advance can I make an online reservation?

Can I get my name added to a waiting list for a reservation?

Is there a cancellation fee?


Are non-smoking rooms available?

Can I leave valuables at the hotel?

What facilities are available in the guest room?

What room amenities are available?

Is there internet connection?

Can 3 people stay in 1 room?

Are pets allowed in the hotel?


Can I share a bed with my children?

What are your child rates?

Do you have amenities for children?

Can I rent a crib during my stay?

Check-in / Check-out

What time is check-in and check-out?

What should I do if I am late for the check-in time?

Can I extend my check-out time?


Can I send out a package from the hotel?

Can I leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?

I would like to send my luggage before my arrival. Can the hotel receive them for me?

Hotel Facilities

What items can be rented at the hotel?

Do you have laundry service?

What facilities are in the common area?

Do you have restaurants inside the hotel?

Do you have meeting rooms inside the hotel?

Other Services

Do the staff members speak English?

Is there a curfew?

Can I make a photo copy or send a fax from the hotel?

Does the hotel have an EV charging station?

Is there parking space at the hotel?