Here are some destinations around hotels in Hyogo area which are perfect for enjoying Summer.

Fairfield by Marriott Hyogo Kannabe Highland

1115 Kasumiku Sakae, Kami, Mikata District, Hyogo  Open 9:00~16:00(4/28~9/30)

This is a sightseeing boat that goes around the Kasumi Coast, which is certified as a UNESCO Global Geopark and also belongs to the Sanin Kaigan National Park.


Takeno Beach
17-22 Takeno, Takeno, Toyooka, Hyogo  

White sand beach stretches 1km along the sea.
Selected as one of the 100 best comfortable beaches and swimming area of Japan.



Fairfield by Marriott Hyogo Tajima Yabu

Mount Hyōno Trekking
Oyacho Yokoiki, Yabu, Hyogo

The mountains where nature from ancient times remains are designated as a national park.
You can enjoy the great nature by trekking as well as mountain climbing.


Forest Adventure Asago
66 Sakusa, Asago, Hyogo  Open 9:00~17:00(Last entry 15:00)

This is a natural athletics playground in Kansai and Hyogo Prefecture where you step from one scaffold set up in a tree to the next, challenging yourself with activities.


Sweetfish park
582 Oyacho Kabo, Yabu, Hyogo  Open 9:00~17:00(Last entry 16:00)  Close Wed

There are fishing pond, BBQ area in the great nature of Yabu.
You can come with your family and friends to have a special time.



Fairfield by Marriott Hyogo Awaji Fukura

Keino-matsubara Beach
Matsuhokotsuro, Minamiawaji, Hyogo

This scenic spot was written in the Manyoshu by Kakinomoto Hitomaro and others.
It is also famous as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan, and in summer their beach is crowded with many people.


Ama Kaigan Beach
Amanishimachi, Minamiawaji, Hyogo

This popular beach has a tropical atmosphere, with crystal clear blue water and smooth white sand.
The sea boasts some of the clearest waters in Hyogo Prefecture and is home to sea fireflies.


Janohire Dolphin Farm
2660 Amashioyamachi, Minamiawaji, Hyogo   Open 9:00~17:00

You can enjoy fishing and BBQ at this outdoor resort.
Especially in summer, you can touch dolphins at their dolphin farm!



Fairfield by Marriott Hyogo Awaji Higashiura

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Cruise
1414-3 Iwaya Awaji, Hyogo   Open 9:00~17:00

The best part of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge cruise is the moment when the ship passes right under the bridge!
The 75-minute cruise offers a variety of pleasures for all five senses.


Iwaya Beach
Tanoshiro Iwaya Awaji, Hyogo

It is very convenient as it is close to Iwaya Port, the gateway to Awaji Island.
You can enjoy the transparent and clear water and beautiful beach.