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Here are some destinations around hotels in Mie and Wakayama area which are perfect for enjoying Golden Week. 

Fairfield by Marriott Mie Kumano Kodo Mihama

Tategasaki Cruise

654-1 Idocho, Kumano, Mie  Open 9:00~17:00 *reservation required

There are more than 2,000 cherry trees along the sidewalk from Onigajo to Matsumoto mountain pass. You can see four different kind of cherry blossom here. 


Maruyama, Kumano, Mie  Open 24hours / 365day

The scenery is said to be the best in Japan, and it has been selected as one of the 100 best terraced rice fields in Japan. The sunset is reflected on the surface of the water, and you can sometimes see the terraced rice fields dyed red.


Fairfield by Marriott Mie Odai

Ichifujiramen restaurant

456-2 Sawara, Odai, Taki District, Mie  Open 11:00~20:00  Close Wed

The orthodox Japanese-style soy sauce ramen has an unforgettable taste of the hometown. It's a light yet rich soup made with delicious water from Japan's clearest stream, Miyagawa, and dried seafood from Kishu.

Verde Odai

308 Shimomate, Odai, Taki District, Mie  Open 9:00~17:00  *reservation required

They make the most of the nature such as Japan's clearest stream, Miyagawa, Osugidani, one of Japan's three greatest canyons, symbol mountain Somonyama and Kumanokodo. Please enjoy the various kinds of outdoor activities.


Fairfield by Marriott Wakayama Kushimoto

Taiji-cho Whale Museum

2934-2 Taiji, Higashimuro District, Wakayama  Open 8:30~17:00

Why don't you go see whales with your family during GW? Materials related to the history and culture of whaling, and the ecology of whales are on display, and there are plenty of shows and interaction events.

Kushimoto Marine Park

1157 Arida, Kushimoto, Higashimuro District, Wakayama  Open 9:00~16:30

The sea of Kushimoto has the largest coral colony on Honshu and is registered under the Ramsar Conservation Convention. You can fully enjoy the underwater experience at the aquarium.


Fairfield by Marriott Wakayama Susami

Aquarium of Crab and Shrimp

808-1 Esumi, Susami, Nishimuro District, Wakayama  Open 9:00~17:00

About 150 species of crustaceans such as rare crabs and shrimps collected from all over the world are on display. In the touching zone, you can touch the Japanese spider crab. Don't miss the penguins and sea turtles.


2-1 Mirozu, Susami, Nishimuro District, Wakayama  Open 11:00~17:00  Close Thur

You can enjoy pasta made with Susami-cho's ingredients, "Inobuta," and coffee specially selected by the owner, while gazing at "Meoto-nami," one of the eight views of Susami. There are also terrace seats where you can feel the wind and the sound of the waves.