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Here are some destinations around hotels in Gifu area which are perfect for enjoying Summer.

Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park

River Port Park Minokamo
2-6-6 Mikadocho, Minokamo, Gifu Open 9:00~17:00 Close Tue

The base of outdoor acitivities in the natural environment of river and forest.
You can enjoy BBQ and a vaiety of river activities.

Japan Monkey Park
26 Kanrin, Inuyama, Inuyama, Aichi

An amusement park for the family with over 30 kinds of different attractions.
The "Water Paradise Monpuru" is an outdoor pool only open in summer and it has full of tricks so that you feel like you are on an adventure.

Blueberry factory Gifu
45 Shimokawabe, Kawabe, Kamo District, Gifu  Open: 10:00~16:00 in Jun to Aug
*Please ask the front desk for making the reservation.

The farm is growing more than 1,800 blueberry trees of 120 varieties.
Blueberry picking is not usually available, but only hotel guests can enjoy.



Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Mino

Oze Cormorant Fishing
Oze 76-376-3, Seki, Gifu  Boarding at 18:40 for 70mins *Reservation requied

From May 11 to October 15 of every year, in the small village of Oze on the bank of the Nagara River, the cormorant fishing masters of Oze practice their craft, which is a rich tradition with roughly 1000 years of history.


Gifu Castle
18 Tenshukaku, Gifu, Gifu  Open 9:30~17:30

Located on the summit of Mt. Kinka, Gifu castle is famous as Oda Nobunaga's castle.
From the observatory, you can overlook the city of Gifu, and there are museum as well.



Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Gujo

Gujo Odori
From July to the beginning of September
After getting off from Tokai Hokuriku Expressway at Gujo Hachiman IC, there is a dancing stage on the east side of the city.

Gujo Odori lasts for over 30 nights from mid-July to early September.
It is the longest-running Bon dance in Japan, and it can be said that summer in Gujo Hachiman begins and ends with the Bon dance.
In 2022, Gujo Odori was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Nagara River Fireworks Festival
697 Yamatocho Tokunaga, Gujo, Gifu 501-4607 Date: 14th AUG  Time: 20:00~21:00

You can buy fireworks with your wishes, dreams, and messages, and the fireworks will be launched by pyrotechnicians in Gujo Yamato. Approximately 1,000 fireworks are launched over the Nagara River. You can enjoy the fireworks from the hotel.



Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Takayama Shirakawa Go

Hida Takayama handheld fireworks
Downstream of Miyagawa Yayoi Bridge, Takayama , Gifu  Date: 9th AUG   Time:19:30~21:00

On August 9th every year, in commemoration of the day of misfortune, handheld fireworks are launched with the hope to ward off misfortune. The fireworks are a spectacular sight to see, with Hida Takayama's pyrotechnicians launching them into the air with sparks of fire.


Fishing at Shokawa River
Along the Shokawa river  

In summer, you can enjoy Ayu fishing along Shokawa river.
After enjoying the fishing, please have a great time eating fresh grilled Ayu.