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Be Drawn Into Ancient Japan

Nara Prefecture is the former capital of Japan and serves as the gateway to many historically significant temples, including three of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The region is known to be frequently visited by tourists, but there are plenty of places to explore away from the crowds. The ancient trail of Yamanobe no Michi is a part of Japan's oldest road, the Shinkaido, and many ancient tombs, temples, and rest stops can be found along the way.

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Featured Attractions

An outdoor onsen hot spring at Nara Kenko Land

Nara Kenko Land

With onsen and sauna for the adults, indoori leisure pool for the kids, there are plenty of facilities for the whole family to enjoy! There are also places to eat and spaces for relaxation.

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Exterior and entrance of Inada Brewery with products on display

Inada Brewery Co., Ltd.

There are free brewery tours. In summer you can talk with the brewery owner and taste the sake, and in winter you can view the facilities and try freshly pressed sake. You can also purchase sake after trying samples.