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Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Kyoto is home to numerous temples, shrines, and palaces and is considered to be the cultural capital of Japan. There is also a vast range of regional cuisine to enjoy in the different seasons such as tea, yuba, mackerel, and black edamame. Experience the charm of Japan's spiritual hometown atmosphere on your next trip to Kyoto.

Participating Hotels

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Featured Attractions

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Shitsumi Hachimangu Shrine

A solemn shrine said to have been established in the Heian Era. On the grounds are Cedar and Japanese Cypress trees that are approximately 400 years old. The main shrine was rebuilt in 1796.

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Hacchohama Seaside Park

A beautiful sea beach approximately 40 minutes from the hotel by car. Nearby is a day trip onsen facility "Shizuka no Sato" and "Urashima", a locally well-known pizza shop. 

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