overhead view of japanese dish


A bowl of sashimi and rice, miso soup, and boiled fish
A box filled with fried oysters, cabbage, and sauce in small containers
Interior of Sushikiri with a wooden counter and chairs
A large red bowl filled with beef, cabbage, and rice with a side of sliced pickles
Pasta topped with a white cream sauce
Curry rice topped with deep-fried cutlet
Freshly baked melon shaped bread and pastries
A glass of lemonade with a straw and cherry
A Japanese set meal with sashimi, rice, and miso soup
A plate of crab, ikura, and uni sushi
A plate of grilled fish with Japanese sake on the side
A plate with a hot sandwich, salad, and a cup of coffee
A bowl of sashimi, tempura, broth and a bowl for serving