two japanese dishes in bento boxes


A bowl of rice topped with sashimi, pickles, and soy sauce
Exterior of Piglet's in Kyoto Prefecture
A roll cake, small slices of pie and a drink set on a tray
Dishes of Ayu sweetfish cooked and served as sashimi, grilled, fried.
Two pasta dishes served with garlic bread
Exterior of Bio Sweet's CapoCapo in Kyoto
ukyfk 06_welcome ueno motoshiro
Grilled eel on top of rice with soup and pickles on the side
Sliced boar meat for the specialty hot pot "Botan nabe"
Interior of Tamba Daishokudo with white tables and wooden chairs for guests
Interior of Tamba Satoyama Restaurant Bonchi with tables and chairs lined up
A French dish served with colorful vegetables
Seats on the terrace with two cups and a teapot set on the table
Sliced beef and shiitake
Exterior of Le Jardin Pop in Kyoto
ukyfk 20_yuteisen
Loaves of freshly baked bread set by the window
Interior of Tamba Wine du Tamba in Kyoto Prefecture
A table set with wine, a small grill and salad
A bowl of boiled noodles with sliced pork and a boiled egg with a bowl of soup for dipping
Containers of ice cream on display
A plate of pre-cooked slices of beef for yakiniku
Exterior of cafe MINI ONE in Kyotamba
A silver platter with curry, rice, vegetables and naan
A plate of rice, vegetables, and fruit
a store front with a sign