overhead view of japanese soup


Hamburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and bacon
A plate of soba noodles with a side dish of tempura
A plate with two types of yakitori (chicken skewers)
Soft serve ice cream on a cone
Dishes of soba noodles, cooked vegetables, and salad
Slices of lamb cooking on the grill with a side dish of vegetables
A loaf of bread and two types of pastries
A plate of fried potatoes and vegetables with side dishes of bread, soup, juice, and dessert
slices of lamb cooking on a steel plate with noodles
A plate of curry rice topped with vegetables
A plate of pasta topped with an egg and a side dish of rice
A bowl of map tofu and stir fried vegetables
Freshly made soba noodles topped with chopped seaweed
Curry rice topped with deep-fried pork cutlet
Hot water being poured over grinded coffee
Five large pieces of shrimp tempura served on a rice bowl with side dishes and miso soup
Two types of curry in small serving bowls with naan on the side
4 types of gelato served in white cups