box of food next to a fairfield card


Hot spicy noodles served with soup and salad
Main dish of beef and cabbage with rice and miso soup on the side
Grilled beef and onions with a side of boiled vegetables and miso soup
A crepe topped with ham and egg
A traditional Japanese course meal with beef, fish, sashimi, and rice
A plate of sushi and a side of udon noodles
A breakfast set meal of toast, salad, boiled egg with a cup of coffee
A plate of cold soba noodles with a cup of broth
A bowl of hot ramen and a plate of fried rice
Exterior of Soba no Sato Shokawa Shinuchitei in Gifu Prefecture
A plate of curry rice, fried chicken, shrimp egg rolls and beverages
A plate of cold soba noodles and a rice bowl with fried chicken
A bowl of udon topped with vegetable tempura
Exterior of Izakaya Ishimatsu in Gifu Prefecture