a basket filled with various foods


Slices of freshly cut beef for yakiniku
Restaurant signage of Yakiniku Shokudoen in Mino city
Slices of beef being prepared on a grill
A set meal of salad, hot pot, and vegetables
Dish with grilled fish
A set meal with tempura, rice and hot udon
A plate of cold soba noodles with a side dish of tempura
A bowl of grilled eel and rice with soup and pickles
Exterior of New Yanagiya Shokudo in Gifu Prefecture
A set meal of sashimi, grilled meat, vegetables, rice, and miso soup
A plate of tuna, salmon, shrimp, egg sushi with cucumber rolls
A plate of deep-fried cutlet with salad on the side, miso soup, and rice
A plate of pasta with bread
Dishes of grilled fish, boiled vegetables, sashimi with soup