a large waterfall in the middle of the woods


Red entry gates on the steps of Dokan Inari Shrine
Aerial view of Shiotani Kofun Park in Kyoto
Exterior of Shitsumi Hachimangu Shrine in Kyoto
A view of the Ono Dam and cherry blossoms
An outdoor hot spring with a roof at Springs Hiyoshi Onsen in Kyoto
A brown horse standing outside of a stable at Tanimoto Horse Ranch in Kyoto
View of Kyoto Tamba Park with a fountain and playground
Exterior of Tamba Wine and facility sign
Inside the Shizushi Shonyudo Park
A view of the hallway inside Shitsumi Shorakuko formerly an Elementary School
Exterior view of Gyokuunji Temple and stairs leading to an entrance
A waterfall at kototaki falls
Exterior of Patisserie Mountain in Kyoto Prefecture
Exterior of Ankokuji with a cherry blossom tree standing next to it
Exterior of Ayabe Industrial Park Koryu Plaza in Kyoto
A craftsman making washi paper
Exterior of Choro Brewery in Kyoto Prefecture
Aerial view of Michinoeki Nagomi in Kyoto Prefecture
Interior of local book shop "Ehonchan" with various kids books displayed on shelves.
A craftsman making a sword out of steel
Colorful Japanese wind chimes on display at the Tokoin Temple
Exterior of Fukuchiyama Castle in Kyoto Prefecture
Exterior of Michinoeki Tamba MARKEdS with parking lot
Exterior and entryway of Michinoeki Mizuho no Sato Sarabiki in Kyoto
Different types of Yatsuhashi on display inside a shop
a building with a green sign