several houses with boats along the ocean


Exterior of wakuden-mori in Kyoto
Aerial view of Hacchohama Seaside Park in Kyoto
A brown horse at the Hashidate no Umaya in Kyoto
View of the Tango railway train running along the mountains
An indoor onsen hot spring bath at Chie no Yu Onsen in Kyoto
Exterior of Nariaiji Temple in Kyoto
Two tourists looking at an upside down view of Amanohashidate
A view of Amanohashidate from the View Land observatory
A view of the Ine Funaya boathouses and fishing boats
A view of Kanabiki no Taki with water falling down the rocks
Entryway and steps at Manai Shrine in Kyoto Prefecture
Exterior of Motise Kono Shrine
ukyfm_chionji temple
Pathway at Amanohashidate
An express motorboat on the lake