large yellow flower field in front of forest


Exterior of Farm Kitora in Hokkaido Prefecture
Two bottles of Doburoku Kiryu with the brand label on the front
Bottles of Doburoku Koshin with brand labels on the front
Small and large bottles of Doburoku Ikkon
Bottles of Doburoku Maihime lined up
A bowl of freshly made tofu
Inside of Maoi distillery with bar counter, tables and chairs
Inside of a local snack shop with candy and chocolates on display
Exterior of Naganuma Yoga Room in Hokkaido
Handmade wooden plates from Mori no Sasayaki in Hokkaido
Inside of Country Barn with a variety of goods such as rice bowls on display.
Interior of Maoi Art Studio with artwork and goods on display
Interior of local florist So MAOI with colorful flowers on display
Exterior view of Morishita Shofuan in Hokkaido
A baby goat at Heid Farm in Hokkaido
Aerial view of Naganuma General Park Athletic Field Park in Hokkaido
Aerial view of Kita Naganuma Suiko Park in Hokkaido
View from Maoi Bungakudai in Hokkaido
Naganuma onsen hot springs with a park view