small stream surrounded by mossy rocks and trees


Exterior of Mino Washi Museum in Gifu Prefecture
View of the Minohashi bridge from the river
View of Monet's Pond with koi (carp) swimming in the water
Exterior of Former Imai Family Residence in Gifu Prefecture
Exterior of Kosaka Brewery in Gifu Prefecture
View of the sunflower fields at Suhara Himawari no Sato in Gifu
Washi lanterns lined up outside traditional Japanese houses
Exterior of Oyada Shrine in Gifu Prefecture
Exterior of Suhara Shrine with paper lanterns hanging at the entrance
Black and white logo of Spirit Outdoors in Gifu Prefecture
Strawberries growing in the greenhouse at mitoca
A drone flying in the sky
A display of traditional tea sets
A display of rabbits, tigers and other animals made from paper
Inside of the aquarium with fish tanks